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Yoga Class Descriptions

Offering a variety of yoga practices addressing all levels of ability in Zanesville, Ohio.

Find the perfect class at The Yoga Booth. We have created a variety of classes for every level. View our schedule and join us for yoga.

Intro to Yoga​

This class is exclusive to the The Yoga Booth. A series class designed to introduce yoga to those who want to build a foundation for a lifetime yoga practice. Held twice a week for two weeks, this four class session will provide students with a basic understanding of breath work, physical poses, yoga props, meditation and mindfulness. Completion of this series will prepare you for most other yoga classes. Class size is limited to allow for plenty of time for one on one assistance. This is a 60 minute class.

Senior Stretch

Offered only at The Yoga Booth, this class is specifically created for 60+ seniors. In this 40 minute class, you will practice gentle yoga stretches with a focus on breath work and meditation. Accessible for all, we will use yoga props, the wall and chairs as needed for a full body stretch. This class is 40 minutes in length.


Meditation is well known to help reduce stress and anxiety, but it can be hard to create a regular meditation practice on your own. This 30 minute class will offer the perfect setting and guidance for the beginner as well as those who practice on a regular basis. This is for all levels and is a 30 minute class. Class size is limited in order to create a favorable meditation environment.

Yin Immersion

Yin yoga is a slow, meditative practice with many benefits. In this class we will immerse ourselves both physically and mindfully by holding each pose for 3-5 minutes. When done consistently yin yoga can improve joint mobility, reduce stress, calm the mind and increase flexibility. When added to a regular fitness program, the benefits can improve athletic performance by targeting connective tissue and reducing aches and pains. Yin yoga is beginner friendly. This is a 75 minute class.

Steady Flow

Creating a balance of meditative movement and breath focused stillness, students will learn Vinyasa sequences that build strength and flexibility. Linking movement and breath, this class offers enough work to challenge you, but leaves plenty of room for self reflection. This class is an all levels class and is a 75 minute class.

Vinyasa I

This class is designed for those who are familiar with Vinyasa sequences. Students will have a full body experience with a vinyasa style, linking breath to movement. Flowing sequences with a focus on functional strength and flexibility, this is a fun class with lots of creative transitions throughout the 75 minute class.

Vinyasa II

For those who have a more advanced practice, this class will be challenging with a dynamic Vinyasa flow. Integrating strength poses with flowing sequencing, this class is designed to create inner heat to detoxify the body and mind. Taught by experienced teachers, Vinyasa II classes offer a final release and restore to fully integrate the practice within the 75 minute class.

Restore and Renew

This is a full restorative class that will renew you through passive stretching fully supported with the use of yoga props. Restorative yoga is a practice of release. You will be guided through a series of supported relaxation poses that will reduce long held stress in the mind and body. This is a 75 minute class and is suitable for all levels.

Hot Yoga​

The advantages of a heated yoga experience can be similar to a detoxifying sauna or deep tissue massage. Some of the many benefits of yoga in a far infrared heated environment include: increased flexibility, reduced pain and inflammation, detoxifying the body, boosts metabolism and can improve immune function. Our heating system consists of 10 ceiling mounted ceramic heating panels that emit far infrared heat. It is a radiant heat source which radiates sun-like warmth to objects rather than air.

Men's Yoga Series

A yoga class series just for men, this is a 4 week series that welcomes all levels of ability. Whether you are an active athlete, weekend golfer or marathon runner this 4 week series class is designed for guys who are searching for a holistic approach to overall health and fitness. Created for beginners and intermediate male students, the program will break down the biomechanics of the physical aspects of the practice as well as the basics of mindfulness and meditation. Each week will build upon the last, so we strongly encourage you to commit to attend each class. The sessions will be 90 minutes in length leaving ample time for questions and feedback.

Kid's Yoga Workshop​

Our kids yoga is a workshop style class packed full of experience and activities to help your future yogi begin to build an understanding of the foundations of yoga in a kid-friendly environment. Each session will consist of meditations, a story, learners circle, yoga practice, and an activity to take home based around a yoga theme. Ages 5-10

Mindful Mama

Our prenatal yoga program was developed with consultation from Kristy Ritchie, MD, local OB/GYN and Maighdlin A. Ponder, PT, DPT, MBA, local physical therapist specializing in pelvic health. We have created a comprehensive program for all stages of pregnancy, providing safe movement and calming meditation practices.The benefits of yoga for pregnancy are well documented. In this four-week series we will learn mindful movement techniques for changing bodies.

Pregnancy tension in the back and hips can create insomnia and discomfort. Our program will address body tension, physical strengthening, relaxation for better sleep and breathing techniques for a deeper mind body connection. Students will learn to individualize the class for their body so the practice can be utilized throughout pregnancy and during post-partum recovery.

This is a four-week series class and is $100 for the complete program.

Always check with your health care professional prior to starting any
physical program