The Yoga Booth

Frequently Asked Questions

Please register for The Yoga Booth on Momoyoga. You will receive a welcome email from The Yoga Booth after completing your registration. Click the link inside the email to complete your user profile and activate your account. 

Once your user account is activated you may register for class on the website, or on the Momoyoga mobile app. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

Yes! Download the “Momoyoga” app and log in with your Momoyoga account for The Yoga Booth. From the app you can see the schedule and register for classes.

Packages may only be applied to regularly scheduled class times.

For first time yoga students we recommend our Intro to Yoga program. This class meets twice a week for two weeks and covers all the basics for new yoga students. Once you complete this series you will have the basic principles of yoga and will feel comfortable in most of our other classes You can use a regular class pass for this program.

The practice of yoga is for everyone. We offer modifications in all classes for all levels. Through the practice you will gain strength, flexibility and balance in your body. Consistent yoga practice creates flexibility and provides ease of movement in all stages of life.

Dress for comfort and to your own taste; we are not a fashion-concerned community. We recommend yoga pants and shirts that are not too loose fitting. For heated classes, shorts and lighter weight clothing are helpful. Please drink plenty of water prior to class – especially if you join our heated classes. We suggest you invest in your own personal yoga mat, but we do offer mats if you need one.

Most people are most comfortable if they do not eat a large meal before yoga. Drink plenty of water and give your stomach plenty of time to digest a meal before class.

We ask that you arrive 10 or 15 minutes before class starts. For the safety and security of our teachers and students, we lock the studio door during class.