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Is Yoga a Practice for Everyone?

Yoga is shown to have many health benefits. Researchers have found yoga to have positive effect on cardiovascular health. Practicing yoga can lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels. Yoga can increase fitness capacity by building muscular strength and endurance and it can improve flexibility and balance.

Practicing yoga provides an opportunity to develop mindfulness and inner awareness. It is a practice of inner capability as you are today. Within the acceptance of yourself as you are, you can discover that yoga is not about your physical appearance.

But how do you get started if you have never practiced yoga?

There are many types of yoga for any ability. Yoga can be done in a chair or bed, it can be a strong, physical practice of flowing movement through a series of standing positions, and it can be a meditative practice of slow, deep stretches down on the mat on the floor. All styles of yoga have health benefits and can be modified to any level. The important thing to remember is that the benefits of practicing yoga are gained when you practice consistently, and you can see health improvements if you practice for as little as 10 minutes every day.

For more information on staying healthy with yoga, read the Harvard Medical School article at the link here: