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Zanesville Yoga Jess Teacher

Meet the Teacher: Jessica Shaeffer

Most of us have experienced the feeling of heartache. The kind that keeps you on the couch eating ice cream and watching sad love stories. But for some, like Jessica, trying yoga was just the cure to mend a broken heart.

“I encourage anyone who needs a lift or a positive life change to try yoga. Three years ago, I started practicing yoga to get over a broken heart. I took advantage of a Groupon for a month of unlimited hot yoga. On the first day of a hot class, I thoughts I was going to die. After three weeks, I looked in the mirror and saw what a difference it made physically. More importantly, I noticed the difference it made mentally. The classes were difficult, almost like a detox of my emotions. But then I started feeling better and better and better. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started feeling so good. While I am not a trained counselor, I do want people to know yoga can help you feel better,” Jessica explained.

As a beginner teacher, Jessica understands what it means to be a beginner student. She likes catering to students with experience of all levels – especially moms and dads or those who only have a little bit of time for themselves. Her passion for both restorative and power hot classes complements her all-inclusive teaching style.

About Jessica: She’s an ultrasound technologist and has worked in her field for 14 years. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and North Carolina, she traveled for work for five years to Phoenix, Arizona; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Billings, Montana; Barrow and Nome, Alaska; and New England — twice! She is excited to make Zanesville her new home and looks forward to getting to know her students at The Yoga Booth.

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