A Place of Belonging

Mindful Mama Prenatal Yoga

Objective: To create a space of community for pregnant women who want to feel vibrant and healthy during pregnancy and post pregnancy. This program is designed to help mamas feel a deep connection to their body and baby using mindfulness movement and meditation practices. Attending this series can help prepare the body and mind for childbirth. Description: The benefits of

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Yoga is for Everybody

Jodi Ruoff’s yoga journey has been a big part of her wellness practice since she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. “I remember the day I found out. I woke up one morning and could not see out of my eye. Shortly after that I was diagnosed and that was the beginning of a huge change in my life. I was

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The Yoga Booth welcomes teacher Jodi Ruoff!

Jodi started practicing yoga three years ago. Her practice has been a huge part of her health journey after her diagnosis of MS three years ago. So, when the pandemic hit, she decided to learn more. I am a lifelong learner, and thought this was a great time to participate in the online Yoga Renew program. I earned my 200

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The Yoga Booth Offers a New Program for the Community

In response to the emotional toll the Covid-19 pandemic has taken on local residents, The Yoga Booth is offering a Grief Recovery Program this spring. Sandy Booth, 200 RYT and Owner of The Yoga Booth and Becky Joseph, RN, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist will be facilitating this evidence-based program. The support group will meet twice weekly for 4 weeks, using

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Essential Oils and Yoga

Essential oils are highly concentrated blends of natural substances. They’ve been used for thousands of years for health and wellness benefits. Because the sense of smell is so closely tied to the the brain centers that deal with emotions, essential oils are often used to balance emotions. Essential oils are also used to help immune response by offering protection against

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Have you been to Yin?

By Sandy Booth My first experience with Yin Yoga was during my teacher training. I was required to observe a Yin class prior to our training segment on the practice. To say I wasn’t at all impressed would be an understatement. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what could possibly be beneficial in these long, boring poses. Fast

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