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Self Care is Primary Care

Self Care is Primary Care

Self Care is primary care. There is a lot of buzz in the media and other outlets about the importance of self care. But what exactly is self care? Self care is any activity that maintains mental, physical and spiritual health. In other words, a balanced lifestyle that provides the ultimate environment for your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Some

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Zanesville Yoga Instructor Ashley

Letting Kids be Kids

Yoga truly is for all people, regardless of age. In my classes, I like to encourage students to find their own creative flow to build confidence — especially during my kids yoga classes. I like to challenge the kids by instructing them on how to safely get into a pose but I also let them have some time to do

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Karen Allen

Three Tips for Yoga Class

Three Tips for Yoga Class By Karen Allen Do you feel intimidated at the thought of walking into a yoga studio? Trust me, you are not alone. At The Yoga Booth, we want everyone to feel welcome. Here are a few tips that might help you as you begin your yoga journey: Tip #1: Just be you. You were made

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Avondale Youth Yoga

Donation Classes Support Avondale Fund

For me, November always brings me back to a feeling of gratefulness. And one thing I have always appreciated about living in this area is the generosity and kindness of the people who live and work here. This year, we are participating in Dude be Kind Week by raising funds for The Avondale Fund. This is a great opportunity to

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Yoga Ashely

How to Make Yoga Fun for Kids

When is comes to yoga and kids, it’s all about sparking their interests in a kid-friendly way. For example, when teaching poses, I like to introduce the surfer pose instead of warrior two. When the kiddos are mature enough to transfer into more proper yoga, they will already have the foundation to do that. I like to make classes fun

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kids yoga

NEW! Kids Yoga Workshops

We are so excited to begin offering our monthly Yoga Kids Workshops. Our 75-minute workshop style class will be packed full of experience and activities to help your future yogi begin to build an understanding of the foundations of yoga in a kid-friendly environment. Each session will consist of meditations, a story, learners circle, yoga practice, and an activity to

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Appreciate the Journey

Tip of the Day: Appreciate the Journey

By Jessica Shaeffer This past year of dealing with the pandemic has been tough … but we’ve made it through tough years before. It’s been a journey unlike any other, and there’s no one else going through your own personal journey like you are. As a teacher, the thing I appreciate most is my students taking time from their day

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