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Mindful Mama Prenatal Yoga

Objective: To create a space of community for pregnant women who want to feel vibrant and healthy during pregnancy and post pregnancy. This program is designed to help mamas feel a deep connection to their body and baby using mindfulness movement and meditation practices. Attending this series can help prepare the body and mind for childbirth.

Description: The benefits of yoga for pregnancy are well documented. In this four-week series we will learn mindful movement techniques for changing bodies. Pregnancy tension in the back and hips can create insomnia and discomfort. Our program will address body tension, physical strengthening, relaxation for better sleep and breathing techniques for a deeper mind body connection. Each class will be 90 minutes in length and will offer plenty of one on one assisting throughout. Students will learn to individualize the class for their body and personal practice so they can use this program throughout their pregnancy and post-partum recovery.

Always check with your health care professional before starting any exercise program.

Week 1: Move Like Mama
Our changing bodies during pregnancy require additional care and attention. We will learn to move and breathe in ways that will unlock body tension and release anxiety. Using a vinyasa yoga format, we will focus on strengthening our lower body with mindful movement. Our movement practice will be methodical in technique which will build the strength needed for a healthy pregnancy.

Week 2: Move into Stillness
Our second class will be another movement class with a focus on strength and stability in the body. Throughout the practice we will focus on breathwork to facilitate more body awareness as we balance our emotions and body. During the last 20 minutes of this class we will create a feeling of calm to settle your nervous system through mindful breathing and meditation.

Week 3: Facia Fitness
In this Yin class, will work with our deep connective tissue to strengthen muscles and release long-held tension. Using yoga props to support the body, our work this week consists of holding poses for longer periods of time to fully release into a deep stretch and completely release into meditative breath. This class can help with self-regulation by tuning in to a deeper sense of connection to self and baby.

Week 4: Restore and Renew
Learning to rest is an important part of self care. In order to be available to others who are in your care, you must learn to care for yourself. This is a full restorative class that will renew you through passive stretching fully supported with the use of yoga props. Restorative yoga is a practice of release. You will be guided through a series of supported relaxation poses that will reduce long held stress in the mind and body.

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