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Self Care is Primary Care

Self Care is Primary Care

Self Care is primary care.

There is a lot of buzz in the media and other outlets about the importance of self care. But what exactly is self care?

Self care is any activity that maintains mental, physical and spiritual health. In other words, a balanced lifestyle that provides the ultimate environment for your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Some good ideas for a self care practice include

  1. Develop a good sleep routine to foster rest and relaxation.
  2. Take a walk in nature on a regular basis.
  3. Commit to healthier eating habits.
  4. Spend time reading the Bible and other books on ancient wisdom.
  5. Create art, take a knitting class, learn to build a birdhouse – find an interesting hobby that gives you a creative outlet.

There are many ways to bring more self care in to your daily life. Be intentional about doing what makes your body and mind feel whole. Pay attention to your daily habits and create a life you love.

Yoga can bring more awareness and a sense of well-being to your mind. Your first class at The Yoga Booth is free – start your yoga journey today!