The Yoga Booth

Zanesville Yoga Teacher Abby

Show up for who you are … today

By Abby Melsheimer

Some days, you’re at 100-percent. You can go hard and strong.
Some days, you can do just what you can do.

Being a mom of 4, I used to think that I needed power yoga when I had a free hour. But now, I look at yoga as an opportunity to slow down, too. Each day is different. Our moods and energy levels are different. Yoga lets us embrace who we are on any given day. It doesn’t always have to be serious, either. It can be fun and lighthearted to match your personality. Yoga is intended to help create space so you can enhance who you are – on that day.

In my classes, I love Yin (slower yoga) mixed in with some power yoga. I like to start off slow and restore, then move into a more of a power yoga so the nervous system gears up, then slow back down, gear back up, and gear back down. Each of us does this naturally throughout the day, so this type of practice helps train our bodies for daily living.

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