The Yoga Booth

Meet The Yoga Booth Team​

Sandy Booth Yoga Teacher

Sandy Booth

Sandy Booth E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP, completed Jason Crandell Advanced 500 hr teacher training in 2021. Her training is alignment-based and Vinyasa focused and includes additional work in Restorative and Hatha yoga. In 2017, Sandy studied Advanced Sequencing and Cueing under Jason Crandell and also completed further teacher training in Restorative yoga with Marcia Miller. She completed her 200 hr teacher training in 2011 under the direction of Donna Winters at Balanced Yoga in Columbus as well as coursework in BodyReading and Gait Analysis through Anatomy Trains. 

Sandy frequently holds workshops on functional movement, meditation journaling, and essential oils in yoga practice. She developed programs for Senior yoga, grief recovery, prenatal yoga, and yoga for men. Expanding offerings to those interested in teaching, she created and established a 200 hr yoga teacher training program. She has provided yoga to first responders and mental healthcare workers as community service. 

With over 2,000 hours of teaching experience since 2011, Sandy has a creative approach to her teaching style. Her instruction is lighthearted and energetic yet provides space for individual expression by the student.

Zanesville Yoga Teacher Jan

Jan Holbein

Jan has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2006. She is certified as E-RYT 200 and is currently working on an advanced 300 hour certification with a therapeutic approach to teaching yoga. During her yoga career she has been trained to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, iRest yoga nidra, Meditation, Restorative, and YogaEd.

In addition to her yoga training, she is Reiki certified and incorporates this therapeutic energy work into her group classes as well as offering it as an individual service.

Jan’s classes are designed to be accessible to all levels while combining mindful movement with aspects of meditation and introspection. Her goal is that you leave class feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and nourished on a deep level. She also accepts private clients for yoga, meditation, Reiki, and iRest co-dyads. During these sessions you can expect to explore all the ways that can help soften, strengthen, and prepare you to show up in this world as your best and most authentic self.

In addition to her work in yoga, Jan is a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist and works with The Ohio State School for the Blind to provide early intervention vision services to Southeastern Ohio counties.

In her free time you will find Jan, her husband, and 3 year old daughter in the kitchen. They enjoy cooking and entertaining in their home. But, you’re just as likely to find them snuggled up for movie night or taking a sunset walk.

Jodi Ruoff Zanesville Yoga Teacher

Jodi Ruoff

Jodi started practicing yoga three years ago. Her practice has been a huge part of her health journey after her diagnosis of MS three years ago. So, when the pandemic hit, she decided to learn more. I am a lifelong learner, and thought this was a great time to participate in the online Yoga Renew program. I earned my 200 RYT certification, in September and have been teaching locally since then.” A Zanesville native, Jodi believes that “everybody can do yoga.” She wants her students to know that adapting to what you need is important. “Muscle spasms are a real thing, and sometimes it’s not easy to even bend over. Your body might be really tight and sore, but just do what you can. You may think it’s not enough but you will see incremental improvements over time. Use the props and aids. I encourage everyone to have fun. You have to learn to laugh at yourself at times. And be easy with yourself. Showing up as you are is the key.”
Zanesville Yoga Teacher Ashley Sykes

Ashley Sykes

Ashley Sykes fell in love with yoga in 2010 through her journey of infertility. She learned to calm her anxious mind when a colleague introduced her to the practice. After childbirth, Ashley became a ‘Basement Yogi”, learning postures through yoga books, magazines and You Tube videos. She dedicated herself to her practice because of the many physical and emotional benefits she experienced.

Through her personal growth as a yoga student, Ashley found her passion for helping others as she lead them to discover the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. This passion lead her to Yoga Teacher Training. Ashley completed her RYT 200 yoga training from YogaFit in March 2019. She is also certified in Kids Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Senior Yoga.

Ashley, who is also an elementary teacher with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, will be leading our kids yoga enrichment program this fall. The program will include quarterly preschool classes (for 2-4 years olds) and monthly school-age children classes (for 5-10 year olds).

Dawn Tonneman

Dawn Tonneman

Dawn, RYT 500 and Reiki Master, first started practicing yoga when she was 12 years old after watching a show titled “Lillias Yoga and You.” Her expansive training includes learning from expert instructors near (Crowtown Yoga in Coshocton) and far (India).

Taking cues from her students to help shape and mold the practice, you can expect a welcoming atmosphere in Dawn’s classes where modifications to poses are encouraged. Dawn also has experience with techniques designed to help those with chronic pain. During class, Dawn reminds her students to honor where they are at that given moment as they navigate through their physical, mental, and spiritual journeys.

Dawn resides in Glenford and is a former Army wife and mother of two adult children. She is a middle school art teacher, a practicing artist, and an adjunct instructor at Zane State College. A dog and cat lover at heart, Dawn also has a soft spot for her four pet rats.

Mikah Fikes

Mikah Fikes

Mikah, RYT 200, recently completed his yoga certification through Yogamu. As a child, Mikah would go with his mom to yoga classes where his love for the practice continued to grow. As an adult, he knew he was ready to make yoga a part of his everyday life.

“The Yoga Booth is the perfect place for me to teach with great opportunities to help others. Sandy is also a wonderful person, and I can learn a lot from her,” Mikah said.

Mikah said yoga helped him to develop a deep, mind-body connection. He explained, “I’ve learned a lot about my body and have mental clarity by practicing regularly. It has benefitted me greatly. Born and raised in the area, I knew I wanted to take the practice one step further and teach yoga to help others in our community.”

His yoga philosophy focuses on being in the present moment and giving the mind a moment of peace and surrender. His students will be encouraged to let go of their worries and stresses. “There is so much more to yoga than physical exercise. I truly look forward to helping my students discover the deeper meaning behind yoga—the mental, spiritual, and social aspects of the practice,” Mikah said.

Jenny Leake

Jenny Leake

Jenny began her yoga practice while attending the University of Cincinnati. As a free-spirited soul, she loves to expand her possibilities, and yoga opened up a new world of opportunities. Jenny loved how the practice connected her mind, spirit, and body. She loved the feeling of freedom, peace, and wholeness through those connections.

When she moved out of state to Colorado to attend graduate school, yoga was a safe and playful place to reconnect with herself. This inspired Jenny to pursue her 200 RYT certification when she moved to the Bay Area of California. Steeped in the culture of San Francisco, the Laughing Lotus Yoga College was the perfect environment for this phase of her yoga and spiritual journey. She also found her heart and husband while living in the city. Together, they moved to Hawai’i and lived in a paradise where yoga was a source of stability and connection. Next, they were off to Alaska where Jenny was able to teach yoga at the ski resort and local studio. The long nights of Alaskan winters helped Jenny fall in love with the moon and astrology. However, needing sun on a year-round basis, Jenny and Hubby moved to Arizona right before the pandemic. The quarantine time period was an opportunity for Jenny to, once again, reconnect to her roots and her daily yoga practice and recommit to her teaching journey.

Now, back in Zanesville after 20 years, she loves the opportunity to share her yoga journey through teaching. Her classes are feel-good experiences that incorporate mindfulness and movement that is accessible to all bodies.