The Yoga Booth

Zanesville Yoga Teacher Sandy Booth

The “Why” Behind The Yoga Booth

I will be 65 years old in September. Lots of people have asked me why are you starting a new business at this point in your life; Don’t most people slow down and take it easy or go to the beach when they are your age?

As strange as it might sound, I have a strong desire to do more. I can’t imagine not doing something more. What can I do to help others? What can I create that is a positive experience for my community? Is there more that needs done? These are the questions I ask myself. And the answer was – open a yoga studio. The Yoga Booth is my baby. And this studio was born from my desire to do more.

So, at the age of 64 – I am ignoring the number of my age and following the desire of my heart. And I am just getting started!

The Yoga Booth Zanesville