The Yoga Booth

The Yoga Booth Offers a New Program for the Community

In response to the emotional toll the Covid-19 pandemic has taken on local residents, The Yoga Booth is offering a Grief Recovery Program this spring.

Sandy Booth, 200 RYT and Owner of The Yoga Booth and Becky Joseph, RN, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist will be facilitating this evidence-based program. The support group will meet twice weekly for 4 weeks, using action- based techniques to assist participants move through their experience of grief and loss.

  • The program will be held at The Yoga Booth twice a week for four weeks.
  • This is an action-based program involving reading and writing assignments
  • The program is not a drop-in program, participants attend the entire program to help build a sense of safety and trust.
  • The group will meet with Becky Joseph for the first 45 minutes of the program for group discussion. The second half of the session will include yoga meditation, movement and breath work to facilitate stress release.
  • The program starts Sunday April 11 at 1 pm. The group will meet Sunday and Wednesday at 1 pm each week for 4 weeks.
  • The program cost is $45 and includes the Grief Recovery Method Book and outline of the program.

This is a proven program of evidenced based results in the improvement of grief knowledge and behaviors.

More information on The Grief Recovery Method can be found at

To sign up for the program please go to