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Karen Allen

Three Tips for Yoga Class

Three Tips for Yoga Class
By Karen Allen

Do you feel intimidated at the thought of walking into a yoga studio? Trust me, you are not alone. At The Yoga Booth, we want everyone to feel welcome. Here are a few tips that might help you as you begin your yoga journey:

Tip #1: Just be you.
You were made unique and special, so focus on giving your best. Do not be concerned with what you can not do, but celebrate the things you can. Focus on how you are feeling, how your body feels, and find a connection with God.

Tip #2: Give your best in the moment.
Let go of the frustrations of the day and the tensions within. Yoga is your time to focus on being still, connecting, and creating a positive you. You have been created for a higher purpose. Let go, and just be.

Tip #3: Props and modifications can enhance your practice.
If you are in yoga class and just … can’t … stretch … to … reach … the … floor, simply bring the floor to you. Experiment using blocks, straps, bolsters, towels, and bands. Props and modifying your poses are totally encouraged. Chances are you will experience and discover a deeper practice.

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