The Yoga Booth

Application for The Yoga Booth Academy

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

What You Can Expect in The Yoga Booth Academy Teacher Training Program

From the first weekend, you will learn to analyze and dissect yoga poses to better understand the concept of intelligent sequencing.

You will experience the power of breath awareness as a personal practice and how it relates to teaching vinyasa yoga.

We will teach you the key points of creating short, guided meditations along with basic restorative poses to incorporate into a group class setting.

As a teaching student, you will spend a significant amount of time learning verbal cues, manual adjustments and how to assist students to a deeper experience of their practice.

Using our teaching methodology, you will gain confidence and skill in creating and teaching vinyasa sequences for all levels of students.

Our program will teach you basic human anatomy and biomechanics in relation to the practice of yoga.

Our discussion of yoga philosophy will cover pertinent history and foundations of the yoga tradition.

Our mission is to guide and support you as you grow into a skillful yoga teacher. You will be fully supported with a comprehensive training manual, extensive practice teaching experience, and our exclusive teacher mentoring program.

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